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Nanjing INT Signs Chaoyang Sewage Treatment Plant Project in Huozhou City

Recently, Nanjing INT signed the expansion project of Chaoyang Sewage Treatment Plant in Huozhou City, which will provide customers with a complete I…


Nanjing INT Signed Gas Combined Cycle Power Generation Project in Burma

Recently, Nanjing INT closely follows the Belt and Road initiative, and successfully renewed the Burma Gas Combined Cycle Power Generation EPC P…


Nanjing INT signs Combined-Cycle Power Station Project in Malaysia

Recently, Nanjing INT successfully signed the contract for Tanjung Kidurong Combined Cycle Power Plant project in Malaysia. T…


Inspection of the Santiago de Cuba port project, the Cuban president visited the site personally.

Recently, the multi-purpose wharf project of Santiago Port, Cuba, in which Nanjing INT has participated in the construction, has been completed the acce…


Tianjin series pumping station projects put into operation

Recently, Nanjing INT has completed the installation and commissioning of Tianjin Huangbaiqiao Pumping Station, Tianjin Daliupo Pumping Station and…

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