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Nanjing INT Signed Gas Combined Cycle Power Generation Project in Burma

Release time:2018.11.05 Author:admin Source:This web site   Clicks: 1243

Recently, Nanjing INT closely follows the Belt and Road initiative, and successfully renewed the Burma Gas Combined Cycle Power Generation EPC Project, which is the second cooperation after the successful implementation of the first phase project in 2017.

(aerial view of project design)

Burma Gas Combined Cycle Power Generation EPC Project is located in Mon State of the Federal Republic of Myanmar. The design installed capacity is 106 MW. The gas combined cycle power generation technology is an environmental protection power generation technology. It not only promotes the development of Myanmar's power technology, but also perfectly protects the local environment. It is the descendant of Myanmar since its opening to the outside world. The first power project invested by the Boundary Bank, and the first World Bank loan project independently implemented by China's Hunan Academy of Construction to develop and win the bid, has been praised by the local people as "the light of direct communication".

(project location map)

The protection device used in the project is the PA620 series digital protection and control device provided by Nanjing INT. The PA620 series products have powerful function integration, including protection, measurement, control, detection, communication and other functions, supporting IEC 61850 Communication (MMS) and GOOSE communication. The series of products provide multiple model selection, with Nanjing INT system solutions to meet the different needs of customers, and to provide customers with safe and reliable electricity protection.

Burma gas combined cycle power generation project was born in the year when "the Belt and Road" initiative was launched. It has unique political, economic and social significance, which is also a great opportunity for Nanjing INT to contribute to "the Belt and Road" initiative and leave more and deeper footprints on the world map with our products and services.

(some of INT foreign achievements)

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