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Energy Monitoring, Information Management and Energy Saving

With the increasingly tight global energy supply, all kinds of energy costs are rising and becoming an important part of enterprise costs. In addition, the safe operation of the power system is an important guarantee for the normal production and operation of the enterprise. Therefore, it is of great significance to establish a comprehensive monitoring system of energy power system for enterprises to reduce energy cost through automatic monitoring and information management of energy power system on the basis of guaranteeing the safety and reliability of energy supply. To reduce energy consumption is not only of economic significance, but also of greater social benefits.

According to our company's research and engineering practice in the fields of power automation, industrial automation and energy-saving technology for many years, the INT-eEMS enterprise energy power monitoring and information management system is developed and designed, and a series of related energy-saving technologies are put forward.

INT-eEMS system master plan

According to the situation of the enterprise, the energy monitoring center is set up in the right place, and the distribution monitoring subsystem, boiler and steam monitoring subsystem, pump house and water supply monitoring subsystem, air compressor station and compressed air monitoring subsystem are connected through the main communication network. Each subsystem contains the energy information monitoring subsystem and the security information monitoring subsystem. Establish energy information management layer on the energy and power monitoring layer. The overall structure of the system is as follows:

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